5 Cost Effective Ways to get your Lawn Summer ready!

AERATION (Deep penetration into the soil creates a great root system for your grass allowing to to grow deeper and making your lawn thicker.)

DE-THATCHING (Power Raking your lawn can allow your lawn to breathe and pick up all the dead grass leaving a heathy and fresh turf feel.)

FERTILIZATION (Typically it is best to fertilize your lawn three times a year. Early Spring, Mid-Summer and Late Fall and the best times to apply fertilizer for a number of reasons but 3 times a year is definitely enough.).....

What are the benefits of having a Snow Removal Company take care of my property this winter?

Typically to do your own snow removal you need to BUY a shovel and a Snow Blower which can cost anywhere from $800-$4000.00. For SENIORS it can be tough to move a big dump of snow and occasionally properties can get slippery and falls do occur. Going on VACATION? Well having someone do your snow follows CITY BYLAWS, keeps your NEIGHBOURS happy and gives the impression that SOMEONE IS HOME.

How Holiday Lights bring back the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas seems to be on a comeback the past few years and Outdoor Christmas Lights are back in style. With a variety of colors, types and sizes the options are endless and hiring a contractor can really help you in the design portion. Coming home on that cold and dark winter night to a brightly lit home just makes the winter more bare-able. More homes than ever are hanging up those lights and with new LED bulbs the cost is of turning on the switch is anywhere from 50-90% less power than the old style.

10 Tips for Landscaping Beginners

  • Always measure (Having extra product at the end of the job can be a hassle to remote and costly. Best to measure and budget 5-10% extra on all products.)
  • The Base is key (The base of any Hardscape is vital to strength through the seasons and in Alberta the freeze and thaw can do a number but proper installation can take care of this.)
  • Bending Sod (Bending the end of the sod roll allows proper growth and roots to develop properly.)
  • Tarping (All tarping should be over hanging 6” to ensure weeds can’t grow through.)
  • Weeds (Best thing to do is call a professional weed control company they have chemicals home owners can’t get access to.)
  • Staking Trees (Calgary can be very windy and staking your trees is a mist to make sure the grow vertical.)
  • YouTube (Some of the best advice you can get.)
  • Search for Ideas (The internet is full of them just might take you some time.)
  • Come Prepared (Renting Equipment can be a good alternative and looking on sites like kijiji for used landscaping equipment can be relatively easy.)
  • Stretch (Landscaping can work parts of your body that usually don’t get worked and hernia’s are notorious for occurring during landscaping

7 Types of Christmas Lights that are changing the Industry of Holiday Lights

  • Rope Lights (Streaming rope lights can give you a clean and easy look. Takedown is a breeze but keeping them straight can be a challenge.)
  • LED (Its amazing the difference compared to the old glass bulbs. Up to 90% less energy consumption.)
  • Stick on LED Strips (They are pricey but worth it. You can use an app and set them all to your preference with relative ease.)
  • Original but Plastic (Finally no smashed bulbs as soon as they hit the driveway. Plastic bulbs are way most durable.)
  • Multi coloured (Amazing color displays can be made on the multi color changing bulbs today. Smartphones can alter colors and also sync to your favourite holiday tunes.)
  • Trees (They’re back in. Putting lights on a tree can really make your home stand out and with all the new colors and cost of lights you can do it without breaking the bank.
  • Icicles (They look great and really make it look full. Only downside is these are usually the lowest grade bulbs and have the shortest life typically.)

10 things to be careful of when hiring a contractor

  • Reviews (Google, Facebook and other sites provide feedback from previous customers that can be helpful in determining their track record.)
  • References (If your unsure as for references they can save you a lot of time and money for just a phone call.)
  • Equipment (Having the right equipment to do the job right is a must and someone who isn’t well equipped works on your property you can expect to have some issues.)
  • Safety (The company should always be covered by WCB and have insurance. Problems do happens and without these you can be liable.)
  • Deposits (Only give deposits to proven contractors. Shady companies are out there and it’s more common than you think.)
  • Do your research (A quick search of a company name can tell you a lot and if not a lot comes up it’s usually either a new company or a company that doesn’t want an online presence. Trustworthy contractors should have lots of info online.)
  • Invoice (Always ask for a firm price before hand and always get your receipt. Proof of payment can save you some stress.)
  • Meet the Contractor (Before beginning a job it’s a good idea to meet in person with someone from the company.)
  • Experience (Ask about previous work and experience in the industry. Being the first customer isn’t a great idea even if it may be a bit cheaper.)
  • Quality (Clarifying the quality of the product your getting before hand is the best idea when your dealing with contractors.)