Calgary Roof Top Snow Removal


At Result Landscaping, we like to take every opportunity to educate the Albertan public about the harmful effects of snow on roofs.

Did you know:

Snow damage from your roof comes from two main sources, that of excess weight and stress on your roof, and that of ice dams. Keeping your roof snow-free will ensure that you minimize the damage from either one of these two hazards.

While roofs are designed to meet the stress of a load of snow for a particular region, be aware that changing climates are affecting how much snow a particular area receives. Considering that one square foot of snow that is 1 inch deep weighs one pound, a roof of snow varying between 6 and 12 inches could amount to thousands of pounds of additional weight right over your head. Thinking that you’ll wait until a thaw in order to save some money on roof services is faulty thinking – one square foot of snow that is 1 inch deep weighs almost 5 pounds!

FROM JUST $199 Our snow buildup specialists are properly equipped to lighten the load on your roof without inflicting damage on your shingles. Depending on the demands of the job and the flexibility of your budget, we will remove snow from the first eight feet of roofline or clear the surface from gutter to peak. Fully insured and WCB covered, no job is too big or too small.

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The weight and tenacity of ice leads to the next problem that homeowners experience with some frequency, that of ice dams. Ice dams cannot form without snowfall on the roof; what happens is this: when air temperature and roof temperature combine to partially melt snow on a roof, quite often there isn’t a total thaw. Colder parts of the roof (toward the edges) become more solid and block trickling water from entering a house’s eavestrough system. Standing water on the roof, or a freeze-thaw-freeze situation can allow water to penetrate the roof and cause water damage to your home. By preventing inappropriate snow buildup, you’re more able to prevent leaks and damage due to dams. The ideal situation is to have your roof raked when your snow approaches the 6-inch mark. Contrary to popular belief, roof raking is not as easy as it sounds; in fact, hiring seasoned professionals like Result Landscaping may be the best gift you give yourself this Christmas season! Our professional staff uses contractor roof rakes that are long enough and light enough to reach your peaks. For smaller or taller homes, roof-raking is a great way to keep the overhangs clear. This method is fairly quick and easily relieves the excess weight on the weakest sections of your roof as well as prevents ice-dams.

The benefit of using contractor-approved equipment is that sometimes you get a better-quality product all around. Unlike the guy who wants to put himself in danger by shoveling your roof, our roof-raking team knows how to get the job done from the ground, with maximum efficiency, and without damaging your roof. The blade of the rake has robust rollers that ensure that the rake itself doesn’t come into contact with your roof. We have been known to alter the angle of the pole and the head of the rake itself in order to have it bite through and pull snow accumulation – believe it or not, this saves costs for our customers, and it’s a more efficient way for us to work.

As previously stated, one square foot of snow that is one inch deep weighs one pound. In ideal conditions, an even snowfall on a roof would have a stress that is evenly distributed over the entire roof and house structure below but unfortunately, this is rarely the care. From time to time, we do have to mount your roof in order to remove dangerous drifts that are either obstructing important structures on your roof, creating dangerous loads on your roof, or are poised to fall to the ground unsafely. Our staff is well trained in fall-prevention procedures during these hazardous scenarios. By ensuring that we are safe, we can then offer safe service to you. Be assured that we do not rely on our experience alone, but on the proper equipment and training in this environment.