Snow in Calgary is serious business! Under the wrong conditions, excess snow can cause serious structural and leakage problems throughout the winter and into spring.

Ideally, your roof is steeply pitched, with trusses that are close together, and sheltered enough that snow will lay evenly instead of drifting. If any of these factors are less than ideal, then roof collapse is a risk that may happen to you.

  • Do you have a low-sloping porch or carport roof? Shallow roofs that are beside or below taller, steeper roofs are especially vulnerable to snow sliding down from above.
  • Home additions often have undersized rafters that make them vulnerable.
  • If your attic has been renovated as living or storage space, the remaining structure may have been compromised.

Heavy snow is an unpleasant fact of living in this beautiful area – prepare for the season by calling Result Landscaping for a free roof-snow removal quote today!

Why Choose Result Landscaping?

Our roof specialists are properly equipped to lighten the load on your roof without damaging your shingles, eavestroughs, chimneys, and vents.

Depending on your roof and snow situation we offer clearance from from the first eight feet of roofline to clear from gutter to peak – and everything in between! We are fully insured and WCB-covered. When your roof is at risk, no job is too big or too small for Result Landscaping to tackle.

Our roof-clearing services for the safety and structural integrity of your home start at just $199.

Call Result Landscaping today for a free quote.

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